Yves Pons: Stay or Leave?

Yves Pons is literally a freak of nature. He is only 6’6, but he led the SEC in blocks, (73) which also ties the single school record. He was also the ‘SEC Defensive Player of the Year.’ Last season, he played a major role for the Tennessee Volunteers. Having a breakout season, Pons averaged 10.8 points, 5 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks per game! With his major development in one year (mostly thanks to his coaches), it turned many NBA scout heads. Yves Pons has a choice to make and that’s either stay for his final year at Tennessee or leave his name in the NBA draft.

Today, an NBA scout was quoted saying "if the draft was today, he would be gone.’ Honestly, that‘s really scary for Tennessee fans considering Pons is huge a piece for this upcoming season. Most draft experts have Pons going late first round or early second round. What are your thoughts? Which round would you have him in IF you have him in the draft at allI? Would Pons help his draft stock if he returns? In my opinion, unless Pons can develop better handles, you won’t see his draft stock rise a lot. I say draft him late first round!

Well... I’m conflicted... I could also make an argument for Pons staying in Knoxville. The fan base knows this upcoming season is going to be special after securing the 3rd rank recruiting class in the nation. If Pons was to return, the Tennessee lineup would one of the best lineups in the country. He could also be part of leading the Vols to their first ever Final Four in program history. Like previously stated Pons probably couldn’t really help his draft stock, but he could graduate with a masters degree and still be drafted.

I think the situation is very fluid and changes everyday, but Barnes needs to pull out all the stops to keep Pons one more year. I know this fan base is crazy about the French freak. Any NBA team would benefit from Pons’ amazing talent so we’ll see what happens. On a last note, Pons has until Monday to withdraw his name from the draft so a choice will be made in the next 48 hours.

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