YAHTZEE: Kentucky Picks Up Commitment From In-State Running Back!

Photo by: Rivals.com

Kentucky has picked up another football commitment during this quarantine. This morning on Kentucky Sports Radio in-state Running Back LaVell Wright announced that he would committing to the University of Kentucky. Wright is rated as a 3-star all purpose Running Back by Rivals Recruiting site. He also attends North Hardin in Radcliff Kentucky.

Wright has a former teammate that is already on the team in Lexington, Octavious Oxendine. Wright will also be the first in-state running back on the wildcats team since the early 2000's. The State of Kentucky has been producing a lot of great high schools players as of late and Kentucky has been on the benefiting end of that trend. That continued today with Wright.

This decision did not come as a surprise as Kentucky held 100% of the future cast on rivals. Kentucky edged out multiple schools including West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, and Multiple others.

Wright is expected to be an impact player for the Cats in the future and you can watch his game below.

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