Yahtzee: Kentucky Picks up a Commitment from Lexington Native and 4-Star Recruit.

(Photo: Tom Loy — @TomLoy247, 247Sports)

Dekel Crowdus has committed to the University of Kentucky. Crowdus is a Lexington native and attends Fredrick Douglas high school in Lexington Kentucky. Crowdus is also a consensuses 4-Star Wide Receiver as Rivals, ESPN, 24/7 Sports all have him ranked as such. This will just be the third consensuses 4-star Wide Receiver in the Mark Stoops era.

Crowdus took to twitter to announce he would be spending his college tenure in his hometown of Lexington.

Although Kentucky was the favorite to land Crowdus as Kentucky every Rivals future cast prediction they were not the only school on the list. The Wide Receiver had a final list of ten before committing. The list consisted of Kentucky,Louisville, Baylor, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, and Ohio Sate.

The Wide Receiver is expected to bring a lot to the table during his time in Lexington and when Allen Trieu of 24/7 sports was asked about his game he said this. " Very lean wideout prospect. Size and skill set project him into the slot. Has high-end speed and explosiveness. Can take short passes and does not need much room to run by defenders after the catch. Also can take the top off a defense and get down the field. Makes cuts and full speed and is good on double moves. Even though he is not a big receiver, he will go get the ball and can make catches in traffic. Must get stronger in college. Fits today's offenses very well and should be a dangerous playmaker both at receiver and as a return man. Pure speed and skill set will give him a chance to play on Sundays."

Another intrestiing fact about crowdus ia that he spent his junior season at IMG prep school in florida. In this video below his shows off some of speed as he takes one to the house while playing in Florida

This is a huge pick up for the Cats and hopefully this encourages Crowdus's teammate Jagar Burturon to join the Cats as well. Burton is another 4-star recruit the plays Fredrick Douglas in Lexington as well.

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