Will Madison Prewett Foul Out?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Will Madison Prewett Foul Out?

Written by: Summer Saylor

Edited by: Sam Stallard & Dylan Ballard

I know this isn’t the usual topic for this website, but interesting enough, this season of The Bachelor has ties to the sports universe. So why not talk about it?

Who can we thank for this cross over? Madison Prewett; an Alabama native and the daughter of Auburn’s director of operations for basketball, Chad Prewett.

We all know Auburn isn’t lacking in the fan department, but Madison’s presence on the show has generated more buzz for the team. I’m in quite a few “bachelor fan groups” on Facebook and I’ve noticed numerous amounts of people saying they are now following Auburn basketball just in support of Madison’s dad. #BachelorNation doesn’t play around, okay? Madison isn’t lacking in her own fan department either. She shot from deep and may or may not have created her own fan account for herself and then commented on her own picture... from her personal account on accident. Yes, we caught that. Yes, we still love you and are rooting you on. Yes, we’ll break some ankles to see you move forward on the show. If you do a lot of sleuthing, you’ll see that Madison also competed in a Miss Teen USA pageant, had a personal photography website, graduated from Auburn, went to seminary school, does missionary work, is a foster parent recruiter, AND won $8,000 on the price is right.... WHAT? You can’t make this stuff up.

Back to the Bachelor... Even though we are only a few episodes in to the show, it’s very clear that Madison is a front runner; she got the first one on one date where she met Peter’s family (well more than met, she went to his parents’ vow renewal ceremony for heavens sake). If you watch her, she’s not much like the other girls. She has confidence, she doesn’t seem to be in the drama of everyone else, she doesn’t appear much unless she’s with Peter. I know her “nice gal” attitude is the main reason she stands out, but she’s going to have to learn how to fake a foul or two to stay ahead—It is a game after all. Additionally, Madison is no stranger to the sports world. She played under her father at Lee Scott High School in Alabama and won four state titles. She was also voted MVP for her killer jump shot, hopefully we get to see that competitive side of her moving forward.

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