Will He Stay or Will He Go? We Break Down the Vince Marrow Situation.

Written by: Dylan Ballard

twitter: Dylanballard925

Today, early on Matt Jones of KSR broke the news that Michigan State would be pursuing Vince Marrow to become a Recruiting Coordinator. This would be the extremely similar role that he plays for Kentucky now.

So, will he stay or will he go? Why would he go? Isn’t this a lateral move? These are all questions that all Kentucky fans are asking and this situation is a little more complicated than we all might think.

This all started when Michigan State announced that they would hiring Marrows lifelong friend Mel Tucker as the head coach. Tucker is one of the major reasons that MSU may be able to pull this off along with others reasons. So we will break down the reasons that Marrow would stay or go and how it can effect the program.

Reasons He may go

- Tucker/Marrow friendship

- His daughter has just went off for college and could be time for a family restart.

- MSU is gonna offer him a lot money and make him a huge priority ( I would hope UK would match any offer)

- closer to home

Reasons Marrow SHOULD stay at Kentucky

- We will match anything they offer ( I HOPE)

- He has built something special here and would be starting from ground zero

- He would have to start recruiting against the program he has helped built. As, Kentucky and MSU compete for recruits all the time.

- The anticipation going into this season is unmatched. Kentucky could really do special with all the guys he brought here. Does he want to leave that for a lateral move?

Lastly, we all know this would hurt the program I a major way and could effect the program In the later years. For instance, I don’t think you would see the effect this year on the field but you would In years to come. A lot of the recruits that we have come to know and love are here because of Vince Marrow. All In all it’s a good thing for other programs to wanting your guys but we all can agree we don’t want vince to leave.

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