What’s Wrong With The Volunteers Upperclassmen?

Following a loss to the LSU Tigers on Saturday, the Vols end the week with the same questions they came in with. What is up with the upperclassmen? I don’t want it to seem like I'm piling on the upperclassmen and giving the younger guys a break, because I'm not, Keon Johnson needs to do better than 4-14 from the field and Victor Bailey needs to take better shots. Yes, I get that he has been struggling and is trying to get his rhythm back, but he won’t get it back taking deep contested 3’s. But with that being said, you expect your younger guys to be a little more inconsistent and you expect your upperclassmen to pick up that slack, and so far they have failed to do so. EJ Anosike is in his first year in the SEC and hasn’t played much lately. But in the LSU loss, EJ missed a bunny (easy shot), something that he has a problem with this year. Now I know it’s two different leagues, but at Sacred Heart, EJ shot the mid range shot a lot more than he has this year. He started the season shooting the mid range and after a few misses, he never went back to it. I don’t know if that’s on him or if the coaches told him not too, but that’s something we could use right now when the team does go on a bit of a scoring drought. John Fulkerson is also someone you could desperately use this season, so if someone happens to find the guy who scored 27 points against Kentucky last year, please report to TBA on Tuesday night. Last year about this time, John Fulkerson had a four game stretch where he went 27-48 from the field. This year since the Kansas game in a four game stretch he has gone 7-16. Yes, this team is more talented than last year, so naturally his shots will go down, but down by 32? At times, Fulkerson has looked timid and honestly scared. I can’t count the times he has gotten the ball ripped right from his hands in the past four games. He needs to play stronger, more confident, and more aggressive if this Vols team has any serious aspirations to make a postseason run. Now, Yves Pons did struggle as well against LSU, but he is coming off an injury that he may not fully be healed from yet, so I won’t harp on him too much, but i will say, if he is 100%, we need more than 3 points on 1-5 in 11 minutes. 

The Vols look to get back on the winning foot against South Carolina on Tuesday night at 6:30. That game will air on SECN. Hopefully one of you finds the real John Fulkerson.

Written by: Dallas Bowlin

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