What Does The Future Look Like For The Cats After a Terrible Home Loss?

(photo credits- UK Athletics/ TGT)

So, Tuesday night Kentucky took a terrible loss to a bad Tennessee team at home. Kentucky was up by 17 points in the second half at one point. We saw defensive collapses from players. We saw Ashton Hagans completely collapsed down the stretch. Immanuel Quickley had his first bad game in a long time. We even saw John Fulkerson completely rip us to shreds. All in a bad loss for the Cats.

Enough talk about that because now it’s time to move on. It’s March and Kentucky has bigger and better things to worry about. So, what does our seeding, schedule, and team look like going forward?

(photo credits- UK Athletics/ TGT)

First of all before the bad loss Tuesday, Kentucky had won 9 straight and 16 of 18. Most bracket predictions had the Cats as a 2-seed despite the early bad losses. So what does it look like now? Kentucky has one game left on the regular season against Florida. Kentucky also had the SEC tournament where they will be the one seed. Win both of those things and you are honestly probably a 3-seed. Lose at least one more game at all and you are probably a 4-seed and find your self playing a one seed in the sweet 16. Either way, no one is just crazy unbeatable in college basketball so if you are Kentucky you have to forget about this lose and win out. Get ready for a huge tournament run.

Kentucky did deal with some problems they haven’t really dealt with all year last night. For instance, Ashton Hagans and coach Cal getting into it, or losing a close game after being up, and few others. Either way Kentucky needs to pull together a few wins and get the fan base excited for what could be a great March.

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