Written by: Dallas Bowlin

News broke out on August 9th, 2020, that it was very likely the 2020 college football season would be canceled or postponed. As of the day I am writing this (August 11th, 2020), the PAC-12 and the Big Ten have both canceled their season. On August 10th, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, gave his support tweeting, “Play College Football!” President Trump also gave an interview to Clay Travis of “Outkick”

In this interview, Pres. Trump mentioned how the health risk for young and healthy people like college athletes, is very low which is somewhat true when you look at the statistics. There have been some slight rumors of a potential “super conference” but they are nothing more than rumors at this point. On August 10th, Ohio State Buckeye player, Teradja Mitchell, sent a tweet saying “Can we go play in the SEC then?!” meanwhile Tennessee Volunteer, Trey Smith, who has battled health issues in the past said that he was “aware of the risk” but he feels that it is worth it. Several other players and public figures have came out in support of a college football season by tweeting #WeWantToPlay

In my opinion, college football will be played in some capacity. We will just have to wait and see what that capacity is.

UPDATE- August 12th, 2020: Since originally writing this the BIG 12, ACC, and SEC have all three stated they hope to play football in the fall and believe they can do it safely. I feel more confident than I did previously that we will see the SEC, as well as other conferences play football this fall.

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