Welcome to the Hotel Guarantano

By: Gary Helton

The Vols took the field today looking to snap their four game losing streak that started with the loss to Georgia. For the 5th game straight with the Exception of the Alabama game, Tennessee has jumped ahead to an early lead only to self implode, normally in the 2nd half where the Vols have only scored 21 points in the second half since Georgia.

The most consistent trend for the Vols this season however, the Abysmal QB play. This falls most heavily on 5th year senior Jarrett Guarantano. The Vols seemed to be coming back when they were down 10-13 riding on the back of workhorse Eric Gray, when Guarantano tries to force the ball across the middle and gives up a pick six. Since that point Guarantano was less than ineffective until replaced by true freshman Harrison Bailey. An eye popping stat for the season is that Guarantano since the Kentucky game has thrown more TDs to the opposing team than his own.

(Rant warning) ⚠️

One had to wonder why Head coach Jeremy Pruitt continues to trot Guarantano onto the field week after week to watch him implode. We can only speculate. Loyalty? Respect? Any way you put it, Guarantano is a get you fired quarterback. Pruitt Continues to report that Guarantano puts the Vols in the best position to win, if that’s the case then it’s time to send QB coach Chris Weinke packing.

There was a glimmer of hope at the end of the game however. Coach Pruitt finally gave the fan base what they wanted and put in Freshman Harrison Bailey. Bailey on his first drive led the Vols down the field for a score, this combined with phenom Eric Gray give hard pressed fans a little something to look forward too.

Next week the Vols take on in state rival Vanderbilt in what was once thought to be a sure fire win is now anything but. Will Pruitt keep Bailey in and get him reps for next season? Or will be put Guarantano back in. No one knows for sure yet, but the trend points towards the latter, leaving us fans to continue being stuck in Hotel Guarantano

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