We Learned at Tennessee + What Has to Happen at Vandy

Written by: Dylan Ballard

(Photo credits: UK men’s basketball)

We learned a few things down in Knoxville when Kentucky got its first win down there since 2015. The Cats pulled off the victory by 13 and probably shutting off all hopes of Tennessee making the tournament. Although this Tennessee is not very good at all, a win is a win.

(Photo credits: UK men’s basketball)

Things we learned

⁃ the first we learned besides that Tennessee sucks is that Kentucky can get some contributions from people other than our core four. Johnny Juzang scored a career high 13 points and was perfect from the field and the line.

⁃ Second thing we learned is that Ashton Hagans is still the best defender in the country but still continues make some really bad mistakes. These mistakes are just something we may have to live with, his turnovers if it they aren’t always high in numbers they always look really bad. He just constantly tries to do too much. Hopefully he can limit the turnovers going forwards.

⁃ Lastly, Nick Richards and Immanuel Quickley are going to get theirs. We have realized no matter how they start, how bad they shoot in the first half, or even if they seem to be playing slow those two dudes find a way to get it done. Quickley and Richards both constantly find themselves on double digits and that will be huge going forward.

(Photo credits: UK men’s basketball)

⁃ Oh, one more thing we learned is that John Fulkerson flops more than Grant Williams and I don’t know that was possible.

Coming out of that game I Knoxville you don’t learn a ton at the end of the day but you win a game that you should win against a bad team.

Now we are headed to Nashville to handle business there. There a few things Kentucky has to do to win but it’s really just a matter of showing up against a bad team on the road. So, let’s break a few things down for tonight’s game.

⁃ The first thing the Cats must do is not overlook Vandy tonight. The Cats have played Vandy once already this year In Lexington and the Cats came extremely slow. Kentucky even trailed at half but came out on top.

⁃ The Cats need to stay away from fouls trouble as much as possible. That is the one thing that hurt Kentucky Saturday. We already struggle with depth.

⁃ Lastly, one thing I wanna see, that may not even be a must have is Ashton Hagans HAS to limit the turnovers. We know he will keep up the defense and distribute the ball but he has to limit bad turnovers.

I think Kentucky will win tonight but we can’t overlook this Vandy team. Vandy has only won one game in SEC play in two years. That being said they did beat LSU at home last week so Kentucky better look out.


Player of the game: Nick Richards

Score: Kentucky 78 Vandy 67

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