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Vols take on Music City

It’s Monday and that means it’s SEC tournament week! Your Tennessee Volunteers are the 8 seed and will take on Alabama Thursday 1 pm eastern.

The question everyone has been asking is “How far do the Vols have to go this week in the tournament to make it to the big dance?” Sunday, the Vols need to make it to Sunday for the championship also they could use a little help from bubble teams losing in their conference tournaments.

The Vols had a huge opportunity on Saturday to boost the resume against Auburn, but failed loosing 85-63... So let’s direct our attention to Thursday against Alabama. Earlier in the season, the Vols came back from a 15 point deficit to defeat the Crimson Tide on the road and I believe we can do it again. This game is a must win for the Volunteers if they want a shot at making the big dance. Alabama is an athletic team and can get HOT from 3 and they will shoot a lot of them on Thursday. Losing would have major seeding implications for the Vols forcing us to accept the NIT bid, which coach Barnes said Saturday they would gladly accept.

Most of everyone is looking ahead to the rubber match with Kentucky on Friday, but we can’t do that despite how much we despise the Wildcats. We need to make it through Thursday first.

Final thoughts: this team can’t fall behind early in the conference tournament since there is so much riding on these games, but if the Volunteers stumble in the tournament and they end up with a NIT bid, that’s not as bad as we think. The Vols return majority of the roster back(minus Jordan Bowden) and with the best recruiting class in school history coming in, if the Vols can somehow win the NIT that means more games for this young roster and shows vast improvement. I only hope the Vols can make a run in the SEC tournament and play into a game for the big dance. GBO 🍊

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