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Vols in the Draft

Today is a great day, it’s the first round of The NFL Draft. You know I talk a lot about the Vols, so let’s jump right in. Last year, Tennessee didn’t have a single player get drafted, but this season the tables have turned. We have five players with potential to be drafted over the next three days. Darrell Taylor, Juan Jennings, Marquez Callaway, Daniel Bituli, and Niguel Warrior all have their names in the draft!

I speak for most of the fan base when I say we want to see Juan Jennings go first, but realistically Darrell Taylor will a couple rounds ahead. I would say Taylor sneaks into second round, potentially first. As for Marquez Callaway, Daniel Bituli, and Niguel Warrior, more than likely they will go undrafted and sign rookie contracts. (Personally, I would like to see the Tennessee Titans take a chance on Marquez Callaway.)

Here are my predictions for each player:

Darrell Taylor- Round 2 to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Juan Jennings- Round 5 to the Green Bay Packers

Marquez Callaway- Round 6 to the Tennessee Titans

Daniel Bituli- Undrafted FA

Niguel Warrior- Undrafted FA

Either way, Vol nation stands behind these players! Share this article with your predictions for the Vols and the draft!

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