Vols Anchor Down on Vandy

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Written by: Dylan Ballard

Vols Anchor Down on Vandy

During a night that’s all about the seniors and sending them off on a high note, the UT/Vandy game was all about freshman RB Eric Gray. When I say all about Eric Gray, I mean it! The freshman RB broke the single game rushing record for a freshman (246) by breaking legend Jamal Lewis.

After multiple weather delays the Tennessee Volunteers defeated the Vanderbilt Commodores 28 - 10. After a horrible start, (first three possessions INT and two three-and-outs) the Vols finally picked it up by running the ball down the worst defense in the SEC’s throat. Vanderbilt actually got on the board with a field goal, but it was all Vols after that—scoring 21 unanswered to end of the first half. Tennessee’s defense controlled the whole game—minus giving up a scoring drive in the second half on 90 yards. Other than that, Tennessee did exactly what they were supposed to do, pulling out a victory against the worst team in the SEC.

I think the biggest takeaway is the Vols are now 7-5 overall and 5-3 in conference play. The senior class that was honored tonight took leadership of the young UT team when it was needed desperately. I wish the weather would have been better and our big senior WR’s would’ve been able to get more touches. However, I think everyone in Vols nation was happy to get another victory and prepare for a post-season bowl game. Also, this team hates in-state rival Vanderbilt and the UT seniors are thrilled to have beat them (finally) after Vandy made them the laughing stock of the state for the last 3 years. So here’s to you Vanderbilt; anchor down on the L and GO VOLS!

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