UK Will Turn Football Practice Facility Into a 400 Patient Hospital! -Details Included-

University Of Kentucky announces that will be helping out with the anticipated amount of cases of covid-19 in Central Kentucky. They will be turning the Football and Track practice facility (Nutter Field House) into a 400 patient hospital. UK healthcare announced the plan early this morning. UK hospital and the University expect the facility to be ready for use for patients in the next two weeks!

Details include:

  • Rooms will be partitioned.

  • Standard Sub Flooring System, Nurses Stations, Heavy Duty Cots, Dedicated Break Rooms.

  • Nebulizing Station or Area.

  • Shower Units with Daily Sanitization, Universal Body Soap and Sanitization of Shower Units.

  • Daily Towel Service, Restroom Units with Daily Sanitization, Portable Handwashing Stations.

  • Daily Laundry Service.

  • Temporary generated power to ensure potable water for food services, shower and restroom.

Dr.Mark F. Newman, UK's Executive Vice President of health affairs stated “Mitch Barnhart and the UK Athletics Department stood up immediately to offer assistance in meeting this public health crisis,”

This is an awesome gesture by everyone involved and we all hope that this doesn't have to be situation for long!

University of Kentucky also announced this morning that summer classes will be either moved to online or to remote locations.

So, stay strong and stay positive!

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