UK Athletics Gives Football and Basketball Updates to the BBN on the Current Covid Situation.


With many questions circling the return of sports. Today we received a few more answers.

As we all know by now the football team has returned to practice already. Although they are doing group workouts and taking all the extra precautions, we still hadn't heard how the testing had went.

Well today the University released that all 106 players had been tested for covid and 6 tested positive for once having the virus but none currently carry the virus. This was really good news for the wildcats. Due to the fact that we have saw multiple schools have an abundance of cases including Clemson with 23 positive cases when they returned.

Also, today we learned Via Twitter that the Basketball Cats would be returning for workouts on the 28th of June.

Today I think we can all agree that this is a good day for those rooting for the return of sports in the bluegrass. There is still a long road ahead and there will be many more hurdles but two major ones were jumped today.

Check out the full details of the Basketball return below.

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