Top Two Incoming Vols

Written by: Gary Helton

With football season right around the corner, I thought I would share my the two incoming freshman I am most excited for this season. While there is talent overflowing in this class they two that catch my eye more than anything are Jalin Hyatt and Morven Joseph.

Jalin Hyatt:

SPEED! Is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Jalin. The dude is just flat out fast. With a 4.31 40 yard dash Hyatt will no doubt have a chance to make a huge impact not only in the special teams are but as a threat at wide receiver as well, standing at 6ft he has the athleticism to go for the jump balls tossed his way. I look for Jalin to have plenty of opportunities to play this season, and I think we will eventually see him on the rotation, especially as a deep threat. His stars are insane in his senior year 1361 yards receiving with 26 TDs to boot. He’ll be enjoying many touchdowns to come on Rocky Top!

Morven Joseph:

Athleticism, Athleticism, Athleticism can define Joseph. Standing at 6ft 2in and weighing around 220lbs, Joseph is a freak of nature. Having elite off the ball speed and a motor that doesn’t stop. He’ll be a problem for SEC offensive linemen for years to come. I could see him rotating into the defensive lineup this year. His senior stats speak for themselves. Joseph has 115 total tackles, 13 sacks and an astonishing 41 QB hurries.

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