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Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

By: Summer Saylor

Okay, before you get too far into this article I want you to know this is based off opinion. I did NOT run a study of 100 people and take votes or do polls- none of that. I watched the super bowl with about 15 people and I rated these based on reaction- mixed a little with my opinion... so without further ado; here they are:

10.) Mountain Dew Zero

Kicking us off at number 10 was one that made everyone in the room chuckle! Mountain Dew Zero + The Shining = Fantastic commercial. Mountain Dew always has some of the best commercials, they’re definitely deserving of the number 10 spot this year!

9.) New York Life Insurance

Taking a more serious note at number 9 was “Love Takes Action.” The meaning behind this commercial was so powerful- agapē love, unconditional love, true love; that’s what makes life worth living. No choice, this commercial had to make the cut.

8.) Hyundai

Everything about the Hyundai commercial gave me life; the actors/actresses, the accents, the script, the fact that the car actually “pahks” and “unpahks” itself- it was definitely in my top 3, but considering I scored based on other reactions, it fell to number 8. For a fact, it was a solid super bowl commercial.


Coming in at number 7 is the very deserving... CHEETOS! I The fact that MC Hammer popped out of literally everything made this commercial easily one of the most memorable! At the end when the picnic blanket became his pants.... I’m literally chuckling just remembering it. Great commercial.


Rolling in at number is 6 is Doritos Cool Ranch! Quite honestly, there’s no way they could have made a better commercial, it was genius. I loved every second of the Sam Elliot and Lil Nas X face off, especially the beginning where the mustache does the wave- and you can’t forget Billy Ray at the end... you have to give Doritos credit, they never disappoint.

5.) Walmart

Talk about a commercial that kept us on our toes! This one comes in at number 5 simply because it had all of our attention from beginning to end. We couldn’t look away in fear that someone else from our childhood would pop up and we’d miss it. Props to the writer of that commercial.

4.) Planters

For number 4, we have the infamous Baby Nut commercial. For some reason this commercial is getting a lot of hype for being controversial. Maybe I just didn’t understand it fully, but we all thought it was fantastic. Let’s be real- Baby Nut is cuter than Baby Yoda.

3.) Rocket Mortgage

If this was based solely on my reaction, this would be number 1. Besides the fact that Jason Momoa is my celebrity crush, there’s so much to this commercial. Remember how I said I watched with 15 people? We ALL were dying by the end of this. Not one person in the room didn’t love this commercial and we don’t agree on much. When you think they couldn’t take it any farther, they did- it just kept going. 10/10 commercial.

2.) Google

Coming in at number 2 I’ll be bringing it back more serious. The google commercial had us in our feels. There are no words for how good this commercial was... I’ve seen it first hand, so it really hit home with me. My bonus (I don’t like the word step, he means much more) dad’s dad had Alzheimer’s and one of the only people he could remember was his bride of 64 years.... Here I go... In my feels again....


And our top commercial for the 2020 super bowl is the Next 100 Year Game NFL commercial!! So basically, a kid started running toward the field while former and current NFL players cheer him on! Joe Montana, Ray Lewis, Christian McCaffrey, Steve Young, Brett Favre, and Saquon Barkley were just some of the people we noticed. The commercial ended with the kid running on to the field which became interactive when the kid ACTUALLY RAN ON THE FIELD to hand the ball off to the ref!!!!!!!! Legendary commercial!!

So there you have it. Our top 10 commercials for Super Bowl 2020!

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