The Tale of Two Halves

The Cats pick up the win in Nashville against the commodores 78-64. Even though this was the largest win of SEC play so far for the Cats it was still a completely different story then the score shows.

(Photo Credits: Kentucky Men’s Basketball Twitter)

I think we can all say that in the first half all Kentucky fans were a little scared at one point or another. The Cats down by 14 at one point, as the Commodores were hitting what seemed to be every shot. Kentucky dealt with foul trouble and couldn’t seem to hit a shot. They also had 7 of their 9 turnovers in the first half. The Cats then somehow cut the lead to 9 going into the half but all fans still had to be worried.

Then came the second and we saw the team that Andy Katz said was “the team you didn’t want face in March”. Honestly, I don’t think there is a team in the country that could beat Kentucky if they played a whole game the way they played the second half. We saw Maxey go off, Hagans control the game on offense and defense, Richards be the we love to see, and of Quickley was hitting some major shots. The Cats produced a fluent offense and a crazy efficient defense in the second half that ended up giving them the largest win of SEC play.

Going forward Kentucky can definitely build off of a 28 point swing and many other things. For instance, Ashton Hagans has been getting dogged for a long time from fans for having a turnover problem(22 in the last 5 games). Tonight he finished with one single turnover and almost had a triple double. Maxey was my pick for player of the game and finished with 25 & 4. Richards helped on the defensive end making plays not many guys can make and finishing off a few lobs. Then, Quickley just continues to score in double figures as he did for the 12 straight games. All four of the big had great games, well at least second halves but we have to get more from the other four guys who play but that’s another story for another day.

All in all a great momentum swing for the Cats and you win another game that you should win.

⁃ Dylan Ballard

⁃ Twitter- @dylanballard925

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