The Ineptitude of Jeremy Pruitt

Written by: Dallas Bowlin

Well, here we are again. To the surprise of almost no one, once again, Tennessee lost to Alabama. Now, I know what you’re thinking “so? Why are you mad? That always happens.” Well, we didn’t just lose, we showed in my opinion, that we didn’t care if we lost. You don’t really need me to break everything down, I mean, we all saw that but I will give some instances/evidence just for those who want to label me a “NegaVol."

You are 2-2, coming off what in my opinion is the worst loss under Pruitt (yes, worse than Ga State.) against Kentucky 34-7. You’re on your own home field against the number 2 Alabama Crimson Tide and all year Jeremy Pruitt has shown no reluctance to go for it on fourth down even in his own territory against teams like Missouri, so obviously he’d elect to do the same thing against Alabama, right? Nope, he punted. On the Vol’s very first decent offensive possession it stalled at a 4th and 2 in Alabama territory. Down 14-0, you should probably elect to go for that, right? Nope. Pruitt took the field goal and boy what good did that do us? Now Pruitt isn’t the only one to blame (even though one could argue if he could’ve schemed up some plays to stop them this game could’ve been a lot different) we also have Jim Chaney who seemed bored last week and refused to run the ball, throwing it around the field without a care, this week? He wouldn’t even dare call a pass. It was almost like he took the criticism and said “they want to run? Well that’s all we’ll do.” That’s all I have to say about the game, the Vols lost 48-17. But do you want to hear the real kicker? After the game Jeremy Pruitt said “I feel like this was our best game offensively.” Really Jeremy? Really? You just played the exact same team that gave up 48 points to Ole Miss and first year head coach Lane Kiffin and that’s your best? Well we’re really in trouble if that’s the case. The bye week will do some good as far as giving the fans a break, but if we trot out there against Arkansas and lose, things could get ugly. Is a coaching search imminent? I doubt it but I wouldn't rule it out. Let’s just hope Coach can learn from his mistakes, and not follow in the footsteps of other former Vol coaches.

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