The Curious Story of Cade Mays

Written by: Gary Helton

This Saturday marks the first game of an all SEC schedule for the Tennessee Volunteers. It seems like we’ve wait forever to get to this point. But it seems likely they’ll be one thing that we’ll have to wait on a longer, that being the full eligibility of linemen Cade Mays.

Last Thursday we were notified that after a very long wait, and one appeal, the NCAA finally cleared Cade Mays and granted him immediate eligibility to play this season. This stems from Mays transferring earlier in the year to Tennessee from Georgia.

While this is very good news, Mays and the Vols are not out of the woods yet. While the NCAA has approved Cade’s waiver, it still needs to be approved by SEC commissioner Greg Sankey. This decision could not be made quick enough as the Vols travel to Colombia Saturday to face South Carolina and if Mays is able to play, it will add to Tennessee’s already elite offensive line.

It is my belief that Mays, will have to sit the first game against South Carolina. My reasoning behind this is Tennessee has released their official depth chart and Mays was no where to be seen in the rotation.

This does not mean that Mays will not play, or that the commissioner will not make a decision by Saturday, but as of right now we should expect Mays to be sidelined.

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