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Let’s start off by saying “NICK FREAKING RICHARDS.” But we will get to that in a minuet. Let’s actually start off by saying, Kentucky still owns this state and it doesn’t look like that is gonna change for a while. The Cats pulled off an electrifying 78-70 win in overtime against cross state rival Louisville! The crowd was rocking, Players stepped, and it was a great night to be a Cats fan. That Brings the Cats to 11-2 against the Cards with Coach Cal coaching (including Cal being undefeated at home). Also, don’t forget we have been rolling them in football lately as well so this rivalry is becoming extremely lopsided.

Anyway let’s get into some fun takeaways, stats, player recaps, and oh just making of Louisville some more!

-As we mentioned earlier Nick Richards stepped up in a huge way! The fan favorite pulled in a double-double and oddly that was least of the story lines for Richards. This man Nick Richards played the last 8 minutes of regulation and overtime with 4 fouls and even took a few charges in that time! Then, the mane we all pull for just took over in over time. Including a big and one that I feel was the biggest play of the game. Lastly, our boy Nick Richards threw up some well deserved L’s down.

- Guard play for the Cats was absolutely AMAZING tonight. I said before the game that I figured the guard play for the Cats would will them to a win but boy did it ever. My pre & postgame MVP Maxey played absolutely amazing! He finished with 27 points and 7 rebounds. Then Quickey and Hagans played so well! Quickley hit some major free throws going down to the wire that sealed the game. He finished with 18 points and 8-8 from the Free throw line. Lastly, our boy Hagans only had two turnovers and controlled the offense in an amazing way!

- Another thing that impressed me was how well the Cats played defense this game. The Cats have always been good defensively but tonight took it to the next level. Holding Louisville superstar Jordan Norwa to 8 points. The Cats also stepped up in a major way in overtime as they finished on a 13-2 run!

- Even though it took overtime for the Cats to get above 70 the Cats were playing a great defensive Louisville and kind of found a little bit of offensive identity. Play through the guards, play defense, and trust your big men when you have to. Something we have lacked in a major way so far.

-Cals puts hit foot down on playing time! If you don’t play well then you don’t play. Whitney who has started most of the year only saw two minuets. Then Juzang was in the same boat. Cal simply said “If I can’t play you I am not going to”

- As much as I hate to admit it Louisville did put a great fight and the Cats still have things they need to work on. Such as when the Cats took a 12 point lead. We have to learn how to step on the gas. WE CAN HIT A THREE. The Cats shot 47% from behind the arch. This is usually the Cats weak point but tonight was a major strength. Have they turned the corner on the three pointers or just a good game?

-Lastly, Rupp was rocking. Tonight was one of loudest sports events I have ever been to in my life. Yes, Rupp has games where it is dead but when it matters it’s still one of the thoughts places to play! Thank you BBN, the atmosphere was amazing tonight. (Even if I did almost get in a fight)

Is this the big win the Cats needed to get the team on track? Is this the game Maxey needed to get back on track? Is Nick Richards basically Shaq who can hit free throws? Who is more cold blooded Kobe or Immanuel Quickley? Is Louisville ever gonna beat Kentucky in anything ever again? These are questions we are still asking but tonight we celebrate. Not because this our super bowl or anything but this team is getting on track and you broke your rivals heart!

Thank you BBN, never change as you and the team were amazing tonight! Please continue to destroy Louisville and the awful players they have like Ryan McMahon.

Love nights like this, let’s have a few more this year!

Go Cats.

Then enjoy a little video of all the big plays tonight!

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