The Big Dog Announces Via Twitter That he is Staying Home.

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

THE BIG DOG RETURNS. For days now, the Big

Blue Nation has been up in arms. A few days ago it leaked that Vince Marrow was being offered a similar position to go to Michigan State. If the Job was taken he would be joining life long friend Mel Tucker. Although, the pull was hard from MSI, Marrow announced VIA Twitter at 5:45 he would be returning to Lexington

(Tweet Below)

It feels like schools are always coming after the Big Dog because of his recruiting skills. This time may have been a little more serious due to the fact of his friendship with coach Tucker and the large raise he was being offered. KSR reported Wednesday that the Michigan State offer would make him the second highest non coordinator in the country. Kentucky countered that offer and then MSU countered again. Apparently the offer was either countered again or the Big Dog just loves Lexington, either way I’ll take it.

BBN we get maybe one of our biggest reasons for football success of late back and the Big Dog gets the much deserved raise. (Details of the new deal to be released later)

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