Tennessee Wide Receivers Truly Suffering

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Tennessee Volunteers and granted it’s a lot of self-inflicting wounds by the team. Before the season started we thought Tennessee’s offense would be dynamic with incoming freshmen and returning players. All week the talk has been on the quarterback position, but let’s be honest, the Tennessee wide receivers are truly suffering. We’ve saw all season how dynamic these Vol wideouts can be, from Brandon Johnson's one armed grab against South Carolina, to Josh Palmer mossing Georgia. The Tennessee receivers are not the group that Alabama has but I would say they’re top 3 in the conference. We recruited guys like Jalin Hyatt and Dee Beckwith to help make this offense fast and hard to beat. It all falls on the quarterback and offensive coordinator to make this dynamic playmakers shine. It’s players like Venus Jones Jr who transferred to be part of a dynamic offense that Jim Chaney normally has, but obviously hasn’t happened. Like a broken record being played over and over, the quarterback has to help these wideouts, desperately. Brandon Johnson and Josh Palmer can easily be on NFL rosters next season. Though they might be having to do it the hard way by being on practice squads if this coaching staff don’t help them by giving them a good quarterback. So hopefully this week we can see the wide outs shine against an Alabama secondary that is not like typical Crimson Tide secondary’s in the past.

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