Staff Predictions: Tennessee vs Alabama

The Crimson Tide roll into Neyland tomorrow for a prime time 3:30 kickoff for one of the oldest rivals in the south. Most fans

see this game as an automatic win for Alabama, considering they have one of the most dynamic offenses in the nation. Tennessee has one big question to answer; who will be the starting quarterback? Our guess is Brian Maurer. If you’re going to the game, you’ll want to grab a rain jacket because it’s going to be a wet one. Speaking of weather, the Vols might have a fighting chance to slow the Tide down in the rain.

Obviously, most of us were wrong about our predictions last week, but this week we probably shouldn’t be that wrong....maybe.

Dylan S: Tennessee-17 Alabama-34

Dylan B: Tennessee-17 Alabama-42

Leighton: Tennessee-10 Alabama-41

Gary H: Tennessee-28 Alabama-24 (UPSET ALERT)

Dallas B: Tennessee-10 Alabama-38

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