Staff Predictions: Kentucky vs South Carolina

It’s the final regular season game for the Wildcats and it’s sigh of relief for most Wildcat fans. This season has been tough with the passing of assistant coach John Schlarman and teammate Chris Oats tragically not able to play this season. With Mark Stoops saying earlier in the week that Kentucky might not accept a bowl bid, this maybe be Kentucky’s last game. This game is important for multiple reasons from it being Terry Wilson’s last game, possibly a coaching change after this game (depending on the performance) and keeping your recruiting class together. South Carolina is a wounded team with just two starters still playing from their opening game, also they have an interim head coach. Let’s get to the predictions!

Dylan Saylor: Kentucky-14 South Carolina-17

Gary Helton: Kentucky-17 South Carolina-3

Michael Beard: Kentucky-20 South Carolina-17

Leighton Piper: Kentucky-21 South Carolina-13

Dallas Bowlin: Kentucky-24 South Carolina-15

Dylan Ballard: Kentucky-13 South Carolina-10

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