Sipping the Orange Kool-Aid

Written by: Dallas Bowlin

Okay, first of all, no one really thinks Tennessee is going to upset Alabama. It’s just not possible….or is it? Think about it, Kentucky only had 40 yards on offense but was up 14-0. Tennessee was getting 5 yards per carry on the ground, they just couldn’t stop the Tennessee rushing attack. The only people who did that were Tennessee, who for some strange reason just quit running the ball. So hear me out IF, and I mean IF Tennessee can hit the field Saturday, rack up 5 yards per carry and keep the ball secure on the ground and in the air, they have a shot. This isn’t your normal Alabama defense. Yes, they only gave up 24 points to Georgia, whereas Tennessee gave up 44 to Georgia. It's incredibly hard to get your defense up and ready to play when the offense is basically stuck in the mud. All Tennessee has to do is look competent on offense and not be afraid of running the ball (it’ll be ok Chaney, I promise you’ll live.)  and I think the Vols could possibly, potentially, MAYBE, have a puncher's chance. It’s 2020, why not? I mean, stranger things have happened.

Oh yeah, play Jimmy Holliday at QB while we're at it. Yup, i said it.

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