Should Kentucky play WKU?

Yesterday, Western Kentucky University broke the Internet by quote-tweeting the official UK basketball account:

Borderline Sports did a twitter poll asking BBN if UK should play WKU this season since UK has an open game left. 55% of fans said yes to playing WKU. A lot of UK fans would probably say “why should we play the Hilltoppers?” Considering we’re in the midst of a pandemic, traveling wouldn’t be as big of a deal if you’re playing a school only two hours away. Also, fans in the western part of the state would eat this game up; it would be a great treat for fans to see the two Kentucky schools go head to head. Lastly, WKU said they would donate the money to a Kentucky charity, and in my eyes that’s pretty awesome.

WKU is set to have a decent roster with the real possibility of making the NCAA tournament, so if you’re UK, wouldn’t you want to add that to your resume?

BBN, what do you guys think?

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