Rock Times on Rocky Top

Just when we thought our football season couldn't get any worse, we're once again proven wrong. The UT football program is currently under investigation from the NCAA and university compliance. A source indicated to VR2 on SI this morning that the university is being looked at for violations related to impermissible benefits for current student-athletes, though they did not name how many players were involved. The news of the investigation was broke by Trey Wallace of Fox Sports Knoxville. 

  According to sources the UT general council interviewing different subjects for several weeks that are the focal points of the investigation. The allegations are against current players on the roster and players with the incoming recruiting class. Adam Tate and the university's compliance department were made aware of the possible violations and launched an investigation immediately.

Wallace's report also included a statement from the University saying. "In keeping with our institutional commitment to compliance, we often look closely at regulatory issues that are brought to our attention via internal or external channels. Maintaining compliance is a shared responsibility, and active monitoring is part of that process.”

Pruitt also denied the report and said “compliance stuff happens” in his post game conference.

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