Rankings of Offense & Defense: SEC East

Written by: Dallas Bowlin

Twitter: @dallas_bowlin


7. Vanderbilt- Do I even need to say anything?

6. Missouri- The tigers lost their starting QB from last year and even with Kelly Bryant, the offense finished ranked 93rd in total yards and points per game. Eli Drinkwitz will have his work cut out for him.

5. South Carolina- The Gamecocks have a lot of questions on offense. I think they’ll be better than last year, but not by much.

4. Kentucky- Again, the Wildcats have some question marks of their own after losing their best player, Lynn Bowden Jr. The Wildcats and Gamecocks could easily switch places here.

3. Tennessee- The Vols will arguably have the best offensive line in the SEC East and arguably the best in the entire conference. They lost Jennings and Callaway, but they gained A LOT of speed on the offensive side of the ball. If JG is able to get the ball to them, the Vols could get to 2nd.

2. Florida- Kyle Trask will look to continue what he did last season. They lost their leading rusher Perine to the NFL and the offensive line wasn’t that great last year. If it wasn’t for Trask, I would probably give the edge to the Vols.

1. Georgia- With Jamie Newman, I probably would’ve put the Bulldogs in first anyway, but add in JT Daniels and it’s a no brained. If Daniels can play anything like the Bulldogs hope he can, they will be hard to stop on that side of the ball.


7. Vanderbilt- Yup.

6. South Carolina- The Gamecocks should be better on defense if they can execute.

5. Missouri- Like South Carolina, the Tigers should be a little better than last year. And that’s really all I have to say there.

4. Kentucky- I’ve seen some people that think much higher of this Kentucky team than I do. While the Wildcats are built to be pretty good on defense, they never really go above being “pretty good” and tend to underachieve.

3. Florida- Taking a tiny step back, but not by much, I see Florida being good defensively. But you probably could switch any of the top three and be pretty close to accurate.

2.Tennessee- The Vols will need to start better defensively than they did last year. They are far deeper and more experienced than last year. I honestly could see the Vols as the best Defense in the league.

1. Georgia- the Bulldogs have the chance to be elite on defense, though execution will be key as it is with any football team.

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