Ranking The Best Player From Each School In The SEC Over The Last Decade! -SEC East addition-

Written By: Gary Helton |||

Twitter: Ownthatline58

Written By: Gary Helton |||

Twitter: Ownthatline58

With the lack of sport lately, I thought it would be fun to evaluate the best overall players for each SEC team for the past decade. This will be broken up into a two part series. The first being the SEC East and the second being the SEC West. With that being said let’s get to it! 

Part one SEC East:

Georgia: This pick was a little tough to be honest, but I’m going to pick Nick Chubb here. It came down to Nick Chubb or Todd Gurley. The factor that gave Chubb the edge was he had a more prolific career compared to Gurley, whose career was derailed by injuries and off the field issues, UGA turned to Chubb and never looked back. 

The Skinny: Chubb during his college career racked up 4769 yards rushing along with 44 touchdowns, his best season coming in 2014 when he rushed for 1547 yards. Chubb was also a threat in the passing game which made him so versatile, Chubb managed to gain 361 career reviving yards and 4 touchdowns giving him 5130 total offense with 48 touchdowns, Chubb was also a center piece of the 2018 national champion loss.

Tennessee: While Tennessee had a less than desirable decade, it was not short on all time talent. This choice came down to Josh Dobbs or Derek Barnett. In the end I chose Barnett on the basis of career starts and impact on games. 

The Skinny: Barnett was a force to be reckoned with during his three seasons at Tennessee. Barnett recorded 33 career sacks breaking all time legend Reggie Whites record of 32 while Barnett’s 52 career TFL rank second only to Tennessee legend Leonard Little. Barnett had the ability to take over and change games. For an example of this look no further than 2016’s game against Florida where during the second half Barnett took over and led Tennessee to victory. 

South Carolina: To me this choice was pretty easy. No name draws as much attention in Gamecock lore as Jadeveon Clowney. 

The Skinny: Clowney was unlike any player college football had ever seen, he was ranked as the number 1 overall recruit in his class and he more than backed up the ranking. Posting 47 tackles for loss and 24 sacks, those numbers would no doubt be higher if Clowney didn’t command a double or even triple team every play. Clowney was scary to put it simply and could change the momentum of a game, this is apparent in his legendary hit against Michigan during the Gamecocks bowl game.

Kentucky: This choice like some on this list we’re tough. However, I think you can’t go wrong with either, but for me I’m choosing Randall Cobb over Lynn Bowden Jr. 

The Skinny: Cobb was the choice for me because of his versatility. Cobb could run, pass, and catch. Cobb put up impressive numbers during his career especially during his junior year, posting 424 rushing yards and 1017 receiving yards. Cobb’s career numbers put him at 2974 yards of offense along with 35 touchdowns. Cobb couldn’t be stopped, even so much to the point that UK named an offense package for him coined the “Wild Cobb”. 

Vanderbilt: While Vanderbilt isn’t as rich in football tradition as most SEC schools, it doesn’t mean they haven’t had their handful of top talent either. This choice took a little thinking but at the end I settled at Ralph Webb. 

The Skinny: Ralph Webb was often the only bright spot on some rather dim teams during his time at Vandy. Web posted impressive seasons all 4 years of his college career, the best being multiple 1000+ seasons during his sophomore and junior campaigns. Webb was a work horse plain and simple and his career numbers prove it. Webb has 4750 career yard of offense and 35 touchdowns which is rather impressive considering the talent he was playing with. 

Florida: This pick was tough as Florida has had a couple of players over the decade who are around the same caliber. But for this one I chose Vernon Hargreaves III. 

The Skinny: Hargreaves was a shutdown corner during his time with the Gators and was considered one of of the not the best cornerback in college football during his junior year. His stats do the talking for him in this regard, posting 10 career interceptions and 27 passes defended, while still impressive it is hard to get stats when teams refuse to throw it to your side and the was the exact respect that Hargreaves commanded. 

Missouri: Being the new comer to the SEC I had to do my research to make this pick. But based on the numbers I chose Drew Lock. 

The Skinny: Drew Lock pounced on the scene as a freshman after stepping in for the suspended Maty Mauk and never looked back. 

Lock posted insane numbers during his 4 years at Mizzou, passing for 12,193 total yards and 99 passing touchdowns. These rank among the top in SEC history. Lock was the heart and soul of the team during his career and more than showed in on the field. 

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