Preview: Tennessee Running Backs

Updated: May 9, 2020

Written: Dallas Bowlin

Twitter: @dallas_bowlin

The running backs at Tennessee are very solid and loaded with explosive play makers. Let’s take a deep dive into what the Vols will have!

Sophomore, former four ⭐️star, Eric Gray:

We’ll start with Eric Gray, the super talented sophomore who just started to find his way as the season drew to a close. Against Vanderbilt Gray totaled a whopping 246 yards rushing on 25 carries, giving him an average of nearly 10 yards per carry. He then followed that up by helping the Vols win the Gator Bowl with 86 yards rushing on 14 attempts. His rushing attack isn’t the only way he can hurt you though, as for the season he caught 13 passes for 115 yards, an average of 8.8 yards per catch!

Senior, former four ⭐️Ty Chandler:

Heading into his senior year Chandler will look to crack the top 10 in UT history for all purpose yards. Chandler currently has 2,724 combined yards while the guy in front of him (Peerless Price) had 2,900. Last year Chandler racked up 655 yards rushing on 135 carries( average of 5 yards per attempted), while also racking up 354 yards on 42 receptions (average of 8.4 per catch). Chandler will look to help the Vols win the east for the first time in his Tennessee career.

Senior, former three ⭐️, Tim Jordan:

Unlike the other two, Jordan is more a power back, last year Jordan racked up 428 rushing yards on 104 carries, and average of 4.1 yards per carry. Not a great year rushing, but he did rack up 6 receptions for 46 yards, and average of 7.7 yards per catch.

Also a possibility is Freshman Jimmy Holiday who we spoke about when discussing the QB room at Tennessee. Jimmy could be an option at RB for the Vols. Other RB’s on roster- Fred Orr & Marcus Pierce.

The Volunteers running backs in comparison to the SEC is as deep of a unit than a lot of teams. Tennessee is a veteran led offense so they have no excuse to sore season goals in 2020-2021. GBO 🍊

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