An Open Letter to UK Fans from a Tennessee Fan

Dear UK fans, first of all, 1-6 isn't a good look on you all. The ugly green from jealousy clashes with the even uglier Kentucky blue. We know it's a rough year, but the fact that UT being 6-0 makes your season (if you even want to call it that) more enjoyable. Like typical UK fans all you have to go off of is past seasons. My favorite argument you all push is more banners. Tell me again how they help you this season? That's right. They don't. Guess what. You all most likely won't have another one to add this season. Let's not forget the other argument that UK beat UT in football this past season. How does that relate to football? Well, the state of Kentucky ranks 45th in education in the United States, so I'll let you attempt to figure out the correlation between the football season and basketball season. Your entire fanbase is upset because you all are no longer a basketball school and lost the title to UT. Keep talking up your team and saying how you'll turn the season around like always, but you all haven't been this bad since 1927. The 1st grade team at my local school could outplay you all. The school for the deaf and blind could outplay you all. Im sure you get the picture. You don't need me to tell you how bad the team is. Just look at the stats. Your best player averages 14.5 points a game. The team overall averages 65.8 points a game. The odds aren't in your favor this year.



                        A very happy Tennessee fan.

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