NBA G-League Targets Kentucky Commit and Other Major College Commits! FULL BREAKDOWN!

Late, on this random Tuesday we got some really scary news for the BBN. It broke on a new twitter account that has been breaking a lot recruiting news lately. They just dropped a bomb on us UK fans! Don't panic though, let us break it down for you!

So, we took a look into this and its definitely something. We are hearing the possibility of hundreds of thousands of dollars will be offered to these kids to forgo their presumed one year of college and spend it in the NBA's G-league!

The buzz started to circle earlier in the day when Isaiah Todd announced that he will be playing professional basketball oppose to coming to Michigan. We also have saw predictions on 24/7 and Rivals ramp up for former Kentucky target Jalen Green to be skipping college as well! Green will be announcing Thursday at 1 o'clock where he will be going.

Everyone assumed both Green and Todd would be going overseas. Later in the evening Adam Zagoria of Forbes reported that Green will be offered six figures to play in the G-league. Then reports started flowing of how multiple recruits could follow including (Isaiah Todd, Jalen Suggs, and even Kentuckys Terrance Clarke)

Multiple Sources, are saying that former UK coach Rod Strickland is the main recruiter for league. Also, being reported that he will focus in on 3-5 players this season(including Terrance Clarke)! Those same sources are saying that these kids could receive up to 500,000 plus in shoes deals. ( First report saw of this news was Travis Graf of

If we see this happen this season it will more than likely be only the beginning of this for college basketball. In my personal opinion, no one is to blame but the NCAA!

As for Terrance Clarke, there is no way of knowing what he will do! If $500,000 is the amount of money then that will be hard for 17/18 year old to turn down but he also took to twitter today to talk about possibly hanging number 9.

Also, Matt Jones of KSR reported that Clarke will likely still come to Kentucky.

Then Clarke began liking tweets about coming to Kentucky. This is far from a lock but still has some uncertainty for the Cats.

On the other hand the land scape of college basketball is about change so buckle up!

(Tweets below related to the situation)

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