Mitch Barnhart & University of Kentucky Bans a Fan Permanently From All Sporting Events.

As most people reading this probably have saw, a video went viral Tuesday evening following Kentucky‘s loss to Tennessee at Rupp Arena. In this video a woman was exiting the game and in the midst of argument decided to use an extremely racial slur. As most everyone can agree, there is no room for this in life in any way, especially in a sports rivalry. Kentucky, Tennessee, and all pretty much all sports fans took to Twitter with this issues involving this lady and the guest with her. She then released a statement where she issued an apology. This apology was released by LEX 18 of lexington.

The apology wrote: “My reaction after the game was unacceptable, period. It was against all values of the University and state of Kentucky. I humbly apologize to the individuals at which my words were directed,” “My words were hurtful and hateful and have no place in this world. I apologize to the University and state of Kentucky for the embarrassment I have caused. I want my apology not just to be in words, but in actions moving forward.” Then Mitch Barnhart the athletic director took to Twitter him self to address the issue. (Tweets are pictured below)

As seen in these tweets he said that the consequences would be latter issued. Today was the day that those consequences were issued. Mitch Barnhart took to Twitter again to address this issue (tweet is pictured below)

Barnhart and the University clearly made the right decision by deciding to make sure this fan was no longer in attandance at UK sporting events. This is not a true representation of the Big Blue Nation it hopefully any fanbase. I think we all hope to move forward from this event and try our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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