Latest update on Kentucky’s search for a big man

Most Kentucky fans can agree that Kentucky needs to add a big man to next years basketball team. As most fans wanted that to be Matt Haarms it will not be. Haarms selected BYU late last week. There are multiple names circling the air and Kentucky fans are starting to scramble.

Kentucky fans are hearing multiple names being thrown around right now. Names such as Mauker Maker, Oliver Sarr, and Frank Anselem.

I can confidently say that the only name of those that have any substance is Frank Anselem. Chris Fisher of 24/7 sports as been all over there situation. He reported earlier in the week that Anselem had met Cal and company VIA Zoom. Then Fisher reported that that Kentucky was zeroing In on Anselem and met with him again last night.

I personally feel that Kentucky will add the 4 star Center sooner rather than later. The thing is that Anselem is probably not ready to fill the role that quiet yet. Most see Anselem as a project as he ranks 85th in the latest rivals rankings. Either way it will be a great addition for the Cats if it happens.

As far as adding one more, I am not sure either Oliver Sarr or Mauker Maker will be that guy. Sarr could be the guy if he enters the transfer portal and would probably be the best addition but there has just been an announcement of him leaving Wake Forest yet. Sarr’s coach was fired so let’s see what happens.

Now onto to Maker, the reason this name is swirling is because Maker said in an interview with Evan Daniels that he would consider Kentucky if he went to college. That being said Maker has already announced he will enter the draft but will leave his eligibility open. I personally do not think there is a chance at all that Maker ends up at Kentucky but I could be wrong.

So, who will the last player be if Cal and company want to add someone else? Honestly it could be anyone as Cal usually loves to work in silence but I wouldn’t be surprised if they wait to see if the one time transfer rule passes or wait to see if anyone reclassifies or takes the grad transfer route.

I know we are quarantined and are bored and worried but I think Cal and company will take care of us as always!

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