Kentucky Grad-Transfer Target Cuts His List To Ten Schools.

Matt Haarms is a 7'3 Center from Purdue. His game is defined by his rim protection and height. Kentucky fans have went to Twitter expressing their want for Haarms to join the 2020-2021 wildcats roster. Most of the BBN believe that he could be a huge addition if the Cats lose EJ Montgomery or Nick Richards or even both. I provided on updated last night on what I thought about the situation.

As I have heard good things from multiple sources, David Sisk of said on the Sources Say Podcast that he liked where Kentucky stood after speaking with Haarms on Kentucky and how great the staff has been.

Anyways, the latest update we have on the big man is that he released his top ten schools and Kentucky is on the list along with other big programs such as Gonzaga, Memphis, Arizona, and even SEC foe Arkansas.(full list provided below) I personally never take much stock in "final 10" list for players but I like where Kentucky stands with this big guy!

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