Kentucky’s Keys to Win

We all knew that Kentucky would be the under dog coming into this weeks match up. We have had a piece on the site earlier in the week about how there could be some free money made on the Cats this week. But with that being said I think 9.5 under dog Kentucky wildcats do have a path to victory. So let’s talk about some keys to the game.

- First of all I do believe that Kentucky has to run the ball very effectively! Last few years it has been Kentucky’s bread and butter and I look for that not to change. With one of the best offense of lines in the country, Kentucky needs to use its three running back‘s and ground and pound the ball the entire game.

⁃ Secondly I do believe that Kentucky has to be efficient in the secondary. Kentucky returns a lot in the secondary but auburns Bo nix is the key to the Tigers offense.

⁃ Lastly and I feel most importantly is Terry Wilson. We have Saul signs of Terry being fully healthy in videos and in practices. But even Mark stoops said in an interview that Terry has not been here since the game where he was injured. If the Wildcats want to win we have to have some efficiency out of the quarterback position. I know in the opposing media and in our very own a lot see Wilson with some question marks. But I fully expect him to show up and play very effectively.

I personally feel that Cats can pull off the victory in Auburn this weekend but if these three things don’t i happen... I don’t see it being likely

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