Kentucky’s Basketball Lineup Just Got a lot Better!

Graphic Credits: Kentucky Basketball Twitter/TGT

Last night Kentucky fans received the beat news that they could possibly recieve in the offseason. It’s news that they had been waiting for a long time. The Cats received notice that Olvier Sarr would be immediately eligible. They also received news that Jacob Toppin would be eligible as well. Kentucky Basketball has been waiting on these verdicts for a long time. Yesterday was that day for both Wildcats.

What does this mean for Kentucky? I perosnally believe that the addition of Sarr really makes Kentucky the team to beat in the country or of the best in the country. Kentucky was really only missing one peice for next year and that was a dominate big man. Sarr was All-ACC last season and was huge in most games for Wake Forrest.

What does the Toppin addition mean? Well probably not a ton for this season but it will be great a experience and Kentucky may use him some. This kid has crazy upside and has a bright future!

Kentucky basketball is now ready to roll for this season!

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