Kentucky Pulls Off The Comeback to Win, Without Ashton Hagans! + Highlights of game.

Kentucky pulls off the 18 point comeback to win, without Ashton Hagans! + Highlights of game.

(Photo Credits: Kentucky Mens Basketball Twitter)

You better believe all the Kentucky fans are partying as we speak. The Wildcats picked up a victory today in Gainesville after trailing by 18 points. The comeback was quite amazing all things considered. The Cats were without their Point Guard Ashton Hagans due to personal reasons. Then Immanuel Quickley fouls out with 9 minutes to go. Then you saw guys like Johnny Juzang, Nate Sestina, and Keion Brooks show up in a big way. Then Kentucky’s go to big man Nick Richards balled out in the second half. So let’s break this down. Today, the first half was so terrible for the Cats. They were trailing by 10 but that was the least of their worries. They couldn’t get the offense going at all(mostly a product of Hagans being out.) they even saw Richards and Maxey combine for 4 points. Then early in the second half Quickley picked up his fourth foul and took to the bench. When you came back in the Cats trailed by 17. Shortly after Quickley coming back in the Cats cut the lead to 12. Immanuel Quickley then picked up his 5th foul on a terrible call. Although the Cats were then without two of their best players they turned it on! Kentucky began to feed Nick Richards in a big way. They went to Richards every single play it seemed like, where he finished with 17 second half points. Kentucky down the stretch got some huge stops, something that didn’t see at all in the first half or early in the second. Kentucky also saw huge contributions down the stretch from bench players that usually don’t contribute much. Then at the end of the game Kentucky had EJ Montgomery put a put back in to win the game.

All in all Kentucky fans have to be excited for March. They just won a game where down 17, without their PG. Also, lost their best player early due to foul trouble. Get a “Quad 1” win on the road. You also got quality minuets from guys who don’t get those all time. Maxey gets a whole game of experience at the Point Guard position where he has 7 assist and 1 turnover. Nick Richards dominates and Ashton Hagans looks to bought in to this team after some Instagram videos surfaced of him celebrating. So if you are a Kentucky can you are saying bring on whatever you want because we got this.

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