Kentucky Loses After a Promising First Half

Kentucky Loses after a promising first half

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Today was the much anticipated start to the football season for the Kentucky Wildcats. Most Cats fans believed that today would be a very bright day despite being on the road against # 8 Auburn.

The Cats started off hot on the offensive side started with a 7-0 lead. Then Auburn roared back and scored a touchdown. The Tigers decided to go for 2 and succeeded and took an 8-7 lead.

That score held true until half time. Despite Kentucky almost scoring going into to the half. And getting absolutely getting robbed on a call going into the half. As Chris Rodriguez clearly gets into the end zone and it’s called not a touchdown.

Then rails seem to come off. As Auburn seemed to have their way on Defense. Holding Kentucky to one touchdown in the second half.

Auburn also received multiple touchdowns from WR Seth Williams in the second half. Kentucky also had a few huge mistakes. Such has turnover on downs and two huge fumbles.

Kentucky finished the day with the advantage in passing yards, rushing yards and time of possession. But still lost 29-13. So it’s very clear that Auburn took advantage of the huge mistakes that Kentucky made.

My last thought and question is why the play calling was called the way it was. This teams strong suit is clearly the run game and we decided to throw the ball 37 times.

Kentucky has many questions heading into this must win Ole Miss game.

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