It’s Time for Eddie Gran and Kentucky to Part Ways

Written by: Leighton Piper Coming in to the 2020 season, I, like every Kentucky football fan, thought this was the year. I, like every Kentucky football throughout history, have been sorely disappointed. The product that Mark Stoops and Eddie Gran put on the field and call an offense each week is abysmal, and quite frankly embarrassing. Over the last three years Kentucky has put together one of the best offensive lines in the nation and Chris Rodriguez Jr. is emerging as a star, but yet our offense has been exclusively screen passes, quick slants, and running plays for AJ Rose with sprinkling in Rodriguez—until this week. I think it goes without saying that everyone who screamed to bench Terry Wilson because, “he’s the problem” owes that man many apologies.

It is an absolute shame and embarrassment that Kentucky is putting one of the most solid defenses in the entire country on the field and still keeping these games close, yet we are putting almost no points on the board with our offense. I understand and am okay with a run heavy offense, but when you are so one dimensional that everyone on each team, and everyone in the stands know what is coming there is a problem. I think I speak for most of the BBN when I say this, it is time to fire Eddie Gran, and if he is not fired, he should do us a favor and resign. I am beyond tired of “moral victories”. #FireEddieGran

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