Is Jonathan Kuminga Throwing Hints to Kentucky Fans, or is He Trolling? - Player Highlights -

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Jonathan Kuminga is possibly the best high school basketball in the country despite being in the 2021 class and only being a junior. Kuminga is also considered to be a possible recalls to the 2020 class. After watching his game multiple times, I personally think he is ready. Although, Kuminga is considered a Duke lean and most people wouldn't even put consider Kentucky in his top 3, he dropped multiple Kentucky hint this weekend and it got Cat fans talking.

So, If you haven't saw by now Jonathan Kuminga is went to social media earlier in the week with a tiktok that has Kentucky fans foaming at the mouth. TIn the video the commit posted on the new viral social media outlet, he was doing the John Wall dance. He also put the caption as "this might be me someday' as the video had a voice over of a announcer introducing John Wall as Wizard and saying he was from Kentucky. Lastly and themes eye opening thing was that Kuminga put a caption up that said "6'8 from Kentucky, welcome to DC". (You can watch the tiktok below)

Kuminga then later on in the night liked an Instagram post from the official Kentucky men's basketball page. The post was a video of some highlights of the 1978 national chamipionship game against Duke. We all know how that ended.

So the real question is, does this mean anything at all for Kentucky? Honestly probably not, kids now a days post tons of crazy things on social media and you would be crazy to try decipher it. He also is only sitting at 11.3% in the rivals future cast for Kentucky. Either way it's better than him using these tactics in favor of someone else.

Lastly, if you even haven't got to know Jonathan Kuminga yet or got to watch him play. Do yourself a favor and watch his highlights. Like we mentioned earlier, he could possibly be the best player in all of high school basketball and for sure the best player in his class. Hopefully someday he is doing these things in Kentucky blue.

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