Is Hate a Strong Word? The Meaning of a Rivalry!

Is Hate a Strong Word?

Written By: Dylan Saylor

Most people believe “hate” is a strong word, but let’s be honest— when it comes to rivalries, hate is totally acceptable to the average sports fan. On the heels of Tennessee playing Memphis this coming weekend and Kentucky about to host Louisville in a couple of weeks, we’re really going to take a deep dive into teams that our podcast just HATE.

Dylan (Tennessee Fan)

1. Florida

2. Kentucky

3. Memphis

4. Alabama

5. Vanderbilt

Dylan (Kentucky Fan)

1. Louisville

2. Tennessee

3. Duke

4. Florida

5. Indiana

We very much have similar tastes in programs we hate and (of course) we both have opposing schools on there. One thing we agree on is we both hate Florida. Just something about them is awful and almost everyone hates them.

Coming from a Tennessee perspective, our rival hatred mostly comes from our college football program because of our prestigious history. The Vols have been the threshold of college football minus these past decade (thanks Derek Dooley and Butch Jones). Memphis and Vanderbilt are little brothers, and they always will be. However, I can say that every college FB fan base can agree Alabama is most hated and we can’t stand them.

The Most annoying part of rivalries is being reminded of their traditions, from Florida doing the gator chump (dumb), Kentucky chanting C-A-T-S (dumber), and every Alabama fam saying “ROLL TIDE”(dumbest). I concede that most people probably hate hearing “Rocky Top” played a million times, but honestly, it’s a really good song. It’s been voted one of the top 5 fight songs.

Then coming from the Kentucky side most rivals are built off the blue blood basketball tradition. Kentucky has dominated the majority of everyone’s lifetimes in NCAA basketball, so that’s why their top rivals are top tier teams like Duke and Indiana. From Christian Laettner’s buzzer beater to Christian Wafford’s buzzer beater against the 2012 national champions (Wow! Kentucky has really bad luck against any one with the name Christian) They also have rival Louisville in the same state and the blood runs worse than anything between the two. To add fuel to the fire, Rick Pitino quitting the cats then joining the cards, the two just H A T E one another.

All in all, rivals and the hate for them runs deep. Truthfully, we don’t hate the institutions or programs. We want all state schools to succeed, but the games ACTUALLY separate households, families, friendships and work places. I would rather my child go to college on the opposite of the country than wear Kentucky blue or any shade of Florida color (it’s the blue). The other Dylan of this show would say the same but vice versa.

My Grandmother has a great quote, “I don’t care if Kentucky loses every game. As long as they beat Tennessee, I don’t care” That’s how much people hate programs. So just know that it’s okay to hate other schools. I encourage you to express your hate toward rival schools and show your school colors off proud!

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