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Writer: Dallas Bowlin

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One of the most important groups to any football team (especially the QB) is the offensive line. Rather it be pass blocking, run blocking, or whatever. Let’s take a look at what the Vols will be rolling out there.

Redshirt freshman, former four star, Jackson Lampley:

At 6-4, 315 lb’s Lampley should definitely be able to hold his grown for the Vols and give the QB plenty of time to make a decision. The Vols beat out Arkansas, Auburn, Duke, and Florida for the talented Lampley.

Redshirt senior, former four star, Brandon Kennedy:

Alabama beat out Auburn for Kennedy in 2015. In 2018 Kennedy transferred to Tennessee where he suffered a season ending injury against West Virginia. In 2019 Kennedy started at center every game for the vols. He carved the way for many Vols RB’s to run the ball at the opposing teams defense, and should be a main stay on the 2020 O-Line.

Senior, former three star, Riley Locklear:

Last year Riley appeared in 11 games with 2 starts. At 6-4 286 Lb’s he Played snaps at guard and backup center. Riley will be another veteran on the offensive line.

Redshirt senior, former three star, Jahmir Johnson:

At 6-5 286 lb’s, last year Jahmir fought through injury problems and appeared in 6 games with one start Jahmir played mostly left tackle for the Vols, and will be yet another veteran on the line.

Freshman, former four star, Cooper May:

Brother of Vol teammate Cade mays, Cooper was a four star out of High School. At 6-3 290lb’s Cooper is a little smaller than his brother, but then again most human’s are (And that is in now way an insult) Cooper should be a very good player for the Vols.

Junior, former five star, Cade Mays:

After spending some years at Georgia, Cade has finally came home to Rocky Top. At 6-6 328 lb’s Cade will be much welcomed help to the Volunteer O-line.

Sophomore, former five star , Wanya Morris:

Wanya was one of the best Linemen in the SEC last year as a true freshman earning multiple honors. The Vols hope that the 6-3 315 lb lineman can have another All-American year.

Sophomore, former five star, Darnell Wright:

Another sophomore who had many freshman year honors. As a freshman Wright start 5 games at right tackle, and 2 games at right guard while appearing in a total of 11 games. He was one of the guys who helped open up the hole for Eric Gray to get his 246 rushing yard performance against Vanderbilt. Wright will be another guy the Vols hope can have another fantastic year for them.

Red shirt junior, former three start, K’rojhn Calbert:

Last year K’rojhn appeared in all 11 games, while starting 5 games at right tackle, including three of the final four games. K’rojhn showed that he is really developing into a force on the offensive line for the Vols as he was also one of the guys who helped Eric Gray against Vanderbilt , and he should be even better this year.

Junior, former four star, Jerome Carvin:

Last year Carvin proved himself as he started the final seven games for the Vols, where the Vols went 6-1. Also one of the guys who opened the hole for Gray.

Senior, former five star, Trey Smith:

After battling blood clots in his lungs, Trey has proven to be the poster child of what a VFL (Vol For Life) really is. Trey has won many honors during his time on Rocky Top, and after announcing he will return for one more season he looks to etch his name in the Volunteer history books as one of the best to ever wear the Orange and White. I think I speak for all of VolNation when I say thank you, Trey.

The Volunteer Oline will give plenty of time to the Vol QB’s to see the field, and make the right play.

Others: Dawson Stephens, David Lange, Parker Ball, Dayne Davis, Airin Spell, James Parsons, Chris Akporoghene, Ollie Lane , Jarious Abercrombie.

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