Harsh Realities That Tennessee Fans Need to Realize

By: Gary Helton

Today marks a day that Tennessee fans over the past 13 years are all to familiar with, that being the firing of another coach. Tennessee now begins its search for its sixth head coach since 2008. Each cycle fans go back and forth on who would be better and it seems as if Tennessee always settles for a coach. This year seems to be following the same trend, but if Tennessee is to have future success, there are a few things that we as fans have to realise.

1.Tennessee is not a “Top” tier program. As sad as it is to say, it’s the truth. Since 2008 Tennessee has been on a steep decline, boasting a below .500 record.

2.We as a fan base have unrealistic expectations. Tennessee is a proud program, one of the college football blue bloods, some of the greatest coaches and players of all time. However, reputation can only take you so far. Our program bottoms out every 3-5 years, we hit the reset button and then if a coach hasn’t won a SEC title by his 2-3 year the fans call for his head.

3.Things are going to get worse before they get better. While Talent wise Tennessee is far better off than we were in 2017 when Butch Jones was fired, it may not mean much. Tennessee right now is waiting to see what they NCAA sanctions are going to be. While they may be a little easier on us since we self reported and took action and saved the NCAA a lot of trouble, I still see bowl bans and possible loss of scholarships in the near future.

I love Tennessee, but until something changes, these are the realities we have to face.

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