Get To Know Future Vol Jaden Springers Game!

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As many of Vols fans already know, Rick Barnes and staff bringing in what should be their best class yet. The class is ranked fourth overall by Rivals while including 2-5 stars and 2-4 stars. That being said, I personally believe that one recruit is a little better than the rest and could Branes best recruit yet.

Jaden Springer is Barnes highest recruit in the class and the high-test ranked recruit he has ever gotten at Tennessee. Springer is a 6'6 combo guard out of IMG Academy in Bradenton ,Florida with a ton of potential. The Guard is rated the 5th best shooting guard in the country and the 15th overall player in the incoming class (according to rivals)

All right, lets get to Springers game and what you can expect from the potential one and done! When you first watch the guards highlights its easy to get excited because he makes a ton of big plays at the rim on both sides. His game expands way past those big plays at the rim that you see on all the mix tapes of him dunking and blocking shots!

Strengths: Springers game is defined by his motor and athleticism. The guard is more athletic than most he face, this makes him extremely capable of guarding multiple positions. The other thing that helps him in guarding multiple positions besides his motor and atheltisim is his wing span and hieght for someone with such high energy. Springier stands at 6'6 as combo guard with 6'7.5 wing span. While springer has the capability to guard multiple positions, dunk on people, and swat peoples stuff; he also has a sweet mid-range.

Weaknesses:While Springer has good enough handle and passing ability to play the point or the two he struggles with decision making. Springer really struggles with trying to hard attack and create and seems to cause reckless turnovers or bad motion of offense. Another struggles that the combo guard deals with is his ability to shoot from behind the arch. I am afraid in college he will slacked off on and give them defenders room to prepare for attack he so often relies on.

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How does he fit at Tennessee? Jaden Springer loves to have the ball in his hands and will have plenty of opportunity but it will definitely be on the wing most of the time. We fully expect for Santiago Vescovi to get most of the minuets at the PG position. Springer will be best when Tennessee can feed the post and hit him on the cut to the basket so he can dominate at the rim. I wouldn't be surprised though if does handle the ball though Vescovi is out of the game. His game should be a perfect fit for the Vols next season will the players already there and what they bring in.

- Highlights of his game -

I fully expect Jaden Springer to make an instant impact because he is that kind of talent. He should also be a fan favorite as will make some high volume plays. As good as he is though, I fully expect him to be with the Vols one season!

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