Gatewood Is a Wildcact! -WATCH- Get to Know The Future Wildcat QB!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Written by: Dylan Ballard

Joey Gatewood is a Wildcat. We learned Thursday about 6:00 pm from Joey’s social media! The anticipation is over, the newest Vince Marrow recruit has officially decided to come the University of Kentucky. Canceling visits and turning down offers from Florida, LSU, and many others!

You might wanna put Grove st party or Scholarships on pause for a sec and take some time to get to know who this kid is! Joey Gatewood is a 6’5 240 lb QB, that’s right 6’5 240 lb QB who is a huge dual threat QB from Jacksonville, Florida! That’s right he can run and when he runs you better get out of the way because that’s a lot of man running down hill! *watch high school highlights here*

Gateway is a transfer from the University of Auburn. He was the # 3 QB in the class of 2018 and the #36 overall player. He decided to transfer from Auburn after seven games this season. He was a redshirt freshman, so being in the same class as Bo Nix he decided it was time to go elsewhere! After that he took two visits to Lexington (one official and one unofficial) and then he was a wildcat! Things we need to know after this commitment: -The QB room is loaded. Next season we will probably lose Lynn Bowden to the draft. Still, you will have a returning Terry Wilson and Sawyer Smith as seniors. Then you will have Joey Gatewood and Beau Allen for the furture.

- Gatewood is a big physical runner and accurate passer. His play style is often compared to Cam Newton style. Not saying is the next Cam but I am saying he wants to destroy you with the pass. Then , if the pass isn’t there you will be ran over!

- Win will he be eligible? That question is up to the NCAA and that could be tricky! The NCAA has a rule that you can play in four games and still transfer with no restrictions. Gatewood played in seven but sometimes they special exceptions. (ex: Justin Fields to Ohio state.) It looks as if we will either get him next year as a RS sophomore Or the next year and still have three years of eligibility. Lastly, this is huge for the Wildcats and the coaching staff. They wanted this kid so bad and they got him. This proves as well that we are no longer fighting the likes of Western, Louisville, and places like Miami of Ohio for recruits on a regular basis. It’s places like LSU, OSU, and Florida. This programs making huge steps and this step seems like a big one for the Cats. The Cats are here and here to stay!

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