Full Details: Louisville Receives Notice of Allegations for Another NCAA Investigation.

Louisville is in Trouble Again

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Around 12:00 today the University of Louisville announce that they received sanctions from the NCAA. There were two different types of sanctions level 1 (which is the most severe) and level 2. Chris make made a statement about the sanctions here.

Stadium Sports released the full details:

The sanctions span from 2015 2016 and recruiting in 2017. From the Athletic writer Danielle Lerner breaks the allegations down. The level 1 allegation states that there was Improper recruiting offers by representatives of the university athletic interest aka Adidas rep/ former assistant coach Hawkins. The level 2 allegations are against Rick Pitino for failing to “promote an atmosphere for compliance. Other level 2 allegations include recruiting violations from two former staff members and institution failed to monitor the recruitment of a high-profile recruit aka Brian Bowden.

U of L had a press conference today with President Neeli Bendapudi and Athletic Director Vince Tyra and announce that they “will not self-impose any sanctions.” They also stated that since this they have an entire new coaching staff and new athletic director. AD Vince Tyra also said “I think it is highly unlikely that we miss out on our chance to play in next season’s NCAA Tournament. The only quote we have on Rick Pitino is that he disagrees with the level two sanction.

(Watch the full press conference below)

These allegations connect with the NCAA investigation with corrupt Adidas reps. Which if you have not watched the Scheme on HBO or Hulu you need to as it goes into more details about the investigation. This investigation is not just about Louisville. In the next few weeks expect the NCAA to announce sanctions for LSU, North Carolina State, Auburn, Arizona, and Kansas. The one lesson we can learn from today is that when will Louisville learn and that they once again will not self-impose any sanctions and of course Pitino disagrees with the sanctions.

Also, We would like to note that current Louisville Men's basketball coach Chris Mack released a statement on this issue.

Written by: Clay Turpin

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