“Free, free at last”

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

“Free, free at last”

Written by: Dylan Saylor

Great news just keeps rolling in for the Tennessee Volunteers. Today, the NCAA announced that transfer center Uros Plavsic as been FINALLY cleared and is eligible immediately to play for the Volunteers.

Uros Plavsic has been dealing with the NCAA since last year when he transferred into the program. Plavsic has been continuing to practice with the team even though he wasn’t eligible to play on the court, so he should be more than ready to play tomorrow night against the Georgia Bulldogs at 7 pm eastern.

Plavsic, a 7’1 center that came from Arizona State after sitting out his freshman season, is a much needed presence because the Volunteers have struggled in the post all year. Plavsic will create for other players but he’s also a real threat on the offensive end.

I’m not sure if he’ll start tomorrow night, but you’ll see him on the floor a lot soon enough.

The Vols truly needed this to make a push for the NCAA tournament. The Vols currently sit 10-5 (2-1 in conference). I’m not saying he’s the savior of the season, but he’ll sure help.

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