Deandre Williams Picks Memphis. Is Kentucky's Roster Set?

               (Photo: MIKE LAWRENCE / COURIER & PRESS)

We learned today via social media that Deandre Williams will not be attending the University of Kentucky. The Evansville transfer will be attending the University of Memphis.

This is a decision that does not come as surprise. Rumors started circulating a few days ago that the Evansville transfer would be choosing Memphis. It seemed as if Kentucky was the favorite through this recruitment. Until Wake Forrest transfer Olivier Sarr committed to Kentucky and then things began to slow down. It seemed as if Kentucky would still have a chance to land Williams early on but in the end it seems as if it was too crowded for the 6'9 forward.

Where does Kentucky go from here?

I personally fell that there is a good chance Kentucky is done. A lot Kentucky fans are hoping that Makur Maker decides to come to college and chooses Kentucky but that scenario is highly unlikely. The only way I see another addition come to the Kentucky basketball roster would be through a reclassification. So we will wait and see if that happens.

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